1973 – 2023 ALITC:  Schedule of Events

2019 – 2020

During 4/C Year

Winter/Spring Engagement: The Class of ’73 provides class representatives to the many venues sponsored by Alumni Chapters, Parent Clubs, and Blue & Gold Officers throughout the world.

Induction Day – June 27th: I-Day continues the Class of 1973’s engagement with the Class of 2023 and their families. Members of ’73 will be in The Yard greeting candidates and families outside of Alumni Hall, attending the Alumni Association’s Plebe Parents Picnic on Hospital Point, witnessing the Oath of Office Ceremony in Tecumseh Court, and spending a few minutes with unaccompanied midshipmen immediately after the ceremony.

Honor Coin Ceremony – July 15th: The Class of ’23 will take its Honor Oath and pledge allegiance to the Honor Concept of the Brigade of Midshipmen. This will be the first opportunity for the Class of ’23 to commit itself to the lifelong standard set for all Mids and Alumni. As a physical reminder of this commitment, each member of ’23 is presented with a specially made “Honor Coin” by a member of ‘73. The coins are designed by the Class of ’73 and imprinted with “1973” and “2023” to note our bond. During this brief ceremony, a speaker from the Class of ’73 Class will reinforce the enduring virtues of honor, commitment, and courage as a way of life.

Plebe Summer Parade: During Plebe Summer, there will be a designated parade where an ALITC representative will be invited to be a reviewing officer for the Fourth Class Regiment.

Plebe Parent Weekend: A few members of ’73 will be present during the Superintendent’s brief to parents.

End of Plebe Year – Sea Trials: The Class of 2023’s Plebe year training culminates in a daylong event known as “Sea Trials”. The Plebes’ mental and physical endurance will be tested during this 12 hour event where they participate in obstacle courses, physical endurance tests, basic seamanship, and problem solving exercises designed to foster team work under stress. The Class of ’73 will observe the day’s events and congratulate the Class of ’23 at the finish line.

End of Plebe Year – Herndon Monument: The final step for the Plebe Class of ’23 is the traditional Herndon Monument climb. The Class 0f ’73 will be invited to witness this time honored milestone event.


2020 – 2021

3/C Year

Bonds of Gold: In the spring of 2021, the Class of 2023 formally accepts donated class rings from the Class of 1973 in a solemn “Bonds of Gold” Ceremony in Memorial Hall. The donated rings are then melted down and added to the gold that will be used to forge the Class of 2023’s rings, creating a lifelong physical bond between the two classes.

Youngster Luau: At the end of 3/C year, the entire Class of ’23 gathers for a Youngster picnic with the Class of ’73 to celebrate being halfway through its training at the Naval Academy.

2021 – 2022

2/C Year

Commitment Dinner: This event typically happens on the first or second night of the new semester. Members of the Class of ’23 will make their commitment to the Naval Academy for the final two years and to the Naval Service for the next five years after commissioning. The event includes a reception followed by dinner in King Hall. Members of the Class of ’23 will reaffirm their obligation to the Naval Service and to the USNA Honor Concept. Representatives of the Class of ’73 will attend and witness this milestone.

Ring Dance: Members of the Class of 1973 are invited to attend the Class of 2023’s Ring Dance during Commissioning Week.

2022 – 2023

1/C Year

Service Community Assignment Night: Members of the Class of 1973 will attend a dinner in King Hall in honor of the Class of 2023’s service assignments.

Battalion Receptions: During the winter, members of ’23 are invited by battalion to receptions at the Alumni House in Annapolis. Members of ’73 are also invited. This offers an opportunity the Class of ‘23 to engage informally with their seniors and to further the bond between the two classes.

Graduation: Twelve presenters from The Great Class of 1973 class will personally hand out engraved ENS/2Lt bars to each member of the (future Great) Class of 2023 at graduation in May. The bars are engraved with both class’s years on the back. In a similar way, members of ’73 will participate in any delayed graduations later in the year. We are with them through the last diploma and commission.