The Another Link in the Chain program forms bonds and relationships between current midshipmen and members of the 50-year class counterpart throughout the four years on the Yard and beyond. The midshipmen are buoyed and encouraged by the physical presence and moral support of the senior alumni, and members of the 50-year class counterpart enjoy working with the current midshipmen in their development of Navy and Marine officers. From Induction Day to Commissioning and beyond, the 50-year counterpart class becomes a part of the Naval Academy experience for the Brigade.

1973 – 2023 Members

1973:  Ben Francisco and Gary Carlile

2023:  Carey Hutchens, Hunter Emanus

1974 – 2024 Members

1974:  TBD

2024:  Erin Bell

1975 – 2025 Members

1975: TBD

2025:  Addison Parker Davis